Samantha W.
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Samantha W.

Samantha is a freelance writer that specializes in authoring academic content. Most of the time, she gives handy tips and helps students deal with the challenges of academic life.
While studying at UC Berkeley, Samantha chose English Literature as her major and Education as her minor. And no wonder ‒ Samantha’s classmates would often call her “Sammy Smith” (hinting at her ability to craft complex academic papers with ease).
After university, Samantha decided to put her natural talent and skills to good use. First, by becoming a volunteer for local literacy programs. Later ‒ by working part-time as an academic writing tutor.
After graduating with honors, Samantha fell in love with creative writing. Since then, she has been combining her knowledge and creativity to write helpful articles for students.
Yet, if you think Samanth’s goal is to make everyone glued to textbooks, you judged too soon. She’s all for living a balanced, well-rounded life.
That’s why she explains complex things in simple language and encourages students to seek help when they’re in a rut.